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Unleash the “labour” of love with our birth affirmation cards!


Our birth affirmations serve as powerful companions during labor, providing a beacon of positivity and strength. As contractions ebb and flow, choose a card that resonates with your inner strength and intentions. Hold onto these affirmations during the intensity of labour, allowing the positive words to become a mantra, grounding you in resilience and courage. Share them with your birthing partner, so they can also empower you with your chosen words.


Mother Me Birth Affirmation Cards can also be used during pregnancy too! Begin each day by choosing a card, then let the positive message become a gentle reminder of your power and capability. Because Mama, you are confident, capable, and strong.

Mother Me Birth Affirmation Cards

  • Includes 18 A5 sized affirmation cards.
    Comes in a Mother Me calico bag with 3m of twine and 18 mini pegs.