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Elevate your breastfeeding experience with Bare Mum’s Nipple Balm!


An intensely rejuvenating nipple balm that repairs the skin barrier to alleviate discomfort in damaged nipples. This nipple balm has a cooling ceramic applicator, which is both practical and hygienic, offering soothing relief without the risk of cross-contamination. Bare Mum's Nipple Balm is an organic, non-adhesive formula that's gentle for mothers, safe for infants, and doesn't require removal before breastfeeding.


Endorsed by midwives and lactation consultants, we also adore this balm as it’s natural, organic, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and vegan friendly! Specifically crafted to provide relief for damaged nipples, surface cuts, minor burns, and chapped lips, and to lubricate breast pumps.

Bare Mum Nipple Balm

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  • 50g tube