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Embark on a nourishing journey with HQ Breastfeeding Vitality.


A carefully crafted blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a symphony of 15+ wholefood vitamins, minerals, plant protein, adaptogens, and superfoods. HQ Breastfeeding Vitality is a powerhouse blend designed to be the ultimate nourishment, addressing vital energy (Qi), blood, stress, and fatigue.


Rich in B, C vitamins, folate (B9), iron, magnesium, and zinc, Breastfeeding Vitality supports energy levels, lactation, mental performance, and hormones, providing essential nutrients for every step of your feeding journey.


We absolutely love HQ Vitality products as they combine the wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine with evidence-based nutrition to help mums thrive postpartum. Not only are their products nourishing but taste delicious too!

HQ | Intelligent Health | Breastfeeding Vitality

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  • 240g (30 serves)