Lochia is the medical term for postpartum bleeding which may last for 6-8 weeks. This happens as the mother essentially has an open wound where the placenta has detached from her womb, and this wound needs to heal. This is why 40 days (or 6-8 weeks) is prescribed as the time to rest in many Eastern cultures. ⁠

I've spoken to a few women recently who were surprised about the amount of postpartum bleeding they had. I guess it's one of those subjects that isn't spoken about enough.⁠

Were you aware and prepared? Did you take any steps in replenishing and rebalancing your body after birth?⁠

❤️ If you have any concerns about the amount of blood you are losing postpartum please speak to your midwife or health professional ❤️⁠

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Thank you @channel9 for featuring Mother Me and helping to spread the word on the importance of postpartum care.

The biggest motivation behind me starting Mother Me was to help mothers and families navigate and care for themselves postpartum. It’s a wild ride that not many talk about and at mothers we can be made to feel like we have to have it all together when the reality is ( no matter what Instagram shows) is that we don’t.

I’m so proud that I’ve been able to help women throughout Perth this year and that my vision has to come to life and has been recognised.

Here’s to the 2022 postpartum revolution ✌🏼

Watch the full interview here--->

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We are so honoured to be featured on the front cover of Today in @thewestaustralian alongside local food legends.

A huge huge thank you to The West and writer Jade Jurewicz for featuring us.

Part of Mother Me’s mission is to educate as many people as possible on the importance of care and nutrition postpartum and this feature really does help us spread the word.

Have a read of the article below <3

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