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Introducing Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding – your go to for a “belly” good time during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


This powerful probiotic is beneficial for all women's health as it maintains and supports the gastrointestinal system's health while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Throughout pregnancy, it supports maternal wellbeing and enhances a healthy digestive system function throughout the entire pregnancy journey. Specially vital for mamas who had antibiotics during labour and birth, or who had a caesarean section birth, Qiara helps to restore good gut and breast milk flora for mamas and their babies.

In the lactation and breastfeeding phase, Qiara can be used as a comforting ally, alleviating breast pain and discomfort related to mastitis, with potential benefits in reducing the recurrence of mastitis.


We love Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding as it's versatile, easy to store, and can be used throughout the pregnancy and postpartum continuum.

Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Probiotic

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