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Get ready for a dose of postpartum power with HQ Post Birth Vitality.


An exceptional blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, bioactive wholefood vitamins + minerals, and superfoods crafted to be the ultimate nourishment for new mums during the exhilarating first 6+ months post-birth. Packed with superfoods, Post Birth Vitality aims to replenish vital energy (Qi), nourish the blood, and calm the mind.


Rich in B vitamins, folate (B9) and magnesium, this powerhouse post birth blend supports postpartum recovery, hormonal regulation, energy and vitality, enhances mood and mental performance, ensures a healthy milk supply, and provides all the essential nutrients you need for this incredible journey into motherhood.


We absolutely love HQ Vitality products as they combine the wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine with evidence-based nutrition to help mums thrive postpartum. Not only are their products nourishing but taste delicious too!

HQ | Intelligent Health | Post Birth Vitality

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  • 240g (30 serves)