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Welcome to Mother Me!

For the past two years, Mother Me has focused on providing chef-prepared nourishing meals and dry, pre-packaged foods to new mothers and families during the crucial postpartum period.

As two passionate midwives newly guiding Mother Me, our offering has evolved and expanded to include quality and necessary products that support women through menstruation, fertility, preconception, pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum, and beyond. Our goal is to mother women throughout these transformative phases, when they need it most.

With an already established community of like-minded women who resonate with our vision and values, we are excited to further connect with you through sharing our knowledge to enrich your experience of womanhood. Our vision is to continue growing our range of quality products that support and nurture and utilise our online presence to empower and educate. 

The origin of Mother Me remains close to our hearts. Our commitment is focused on expanding our selection of convenient dry packaged foods, and we aspire to introduce fresh, nourishing food services in the future.

Thank you for supporting us.

We can't wait to nurture you!

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Phases of womanhood

The phases of womanhood—maiden, mother, and crone—represent distinct stages in a woman's life, each carrying its own significance and symbolism.


The maiden phase typically represents youth, innocence, and the beginnings of a woman's journey. It is associated with qualities such as curiosity, playfulness, and the pursuit of self-discovery. The maiden is often depicted as a symbol of new beginnings, fresh energy, and the potential for growth. This phase is about exploration, learning, and embracing the unfolding aspects of one's identity.



The mother phase embodies fertility, creation, and nurturing. It is a time when a woman may experience motherhood, whether in a literal sense through childbirth or in a broader sense through caregiving and the creation of meaningful connections. The mother is often seen as a symbol of strength, compassion, and the life-giving force. This phase represents the ability to care for others, contribute to the community, and foster growth and development.



The crone phase signifies wisdom, experience, and the later stages of life. It is a time when a woman has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and insight through her life's journey. The crone is a symbol of deep intuition, spiritual awareness, and a connection to the cycles of life and nature. This phase emphasises the importance of embracing one's inner wisdom, accepting the passage of time, and becoming a guide and mentor to others.

In essence, the phases of womanhood offer a profound framework for understanding and celebrating the diverse facets of a woman's life journey, from the innocence and exploration of youth to the nurturing and wisdom of later years.


our values



We’ve carefully curated our product selection, focusing on Australian-owned brands, that are endorsed by us and women.



Our online platform caters to all women, providing convenient products that are necessary, easy to use, and fuss-free.



We strive to educate you about our products, provide evidence-based information, and share our knowledge and experience.



Our products have been designed to support women and chosen to nurture you.


We intend to enhance your well-being by wholly nourishing your body throughout each phase.

About Us

Hello! Our names are Amy and Rhiannon.


We are Endorsed Midwives, and Registered Nurses with over ten years of clinical experience. Our journey has woven through various specialties, embracing the diversities of health care.

Fueled by a shared passion for nurturing, supporting, and educating women, our midwifery journey began together and continued to flourish as we traversed different models of maternity care. Standing by women throughout their most transformative phases, whether birthing at home or in a hospital setting, we believe all women deserve to be nurtured.

Our shared experiences have formed a sisterhood that goes beyond the clinical realm. We are women who have navigated the phases of life ourselves, together, from the joys to the complexities. Our journey has been shaped by the many powerful women we've had the privilege to care for and those who form our own village — mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and colleagues. Each has contributed to our understanding of the nuanced layers of women's experiences, inspiring us to create a space that nurtures, supports, and educates all.

Join us on this journey – a journey where every woman is celebrated. We are more than midwives; we are advocates, sisters, mothers, friends, and nurturers, walking alongside you as you navigate the phases of womanhood.

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THe faces behind mother me

Amy + Rhiannon
Owners of Mother Me

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