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Experience optimal comfort and convenience with Bare Mum’s Perineal Wash Bottle.


This ergonomic wonder can be used to relieve the sting of urine, and gently cleanse sensitive postpartum areas like your vulva, perineum, or caesarean wound. Designed for your convenience, we love these perineal wash bottles as the retractable nozzle ensures effortless storage, and can be neatly enclosed in a waterproof bag for added practicality.

The angled narrow neck is purposefully designed to enhance targeted use, providing precision and control with each application. Enjoy a consistent, gentle stream of water to the affected area, delivering soothing relief with every spray.


Meticulously crafted with your comfort in mind, Bare Mum's Perineal Wash Bottle showcases an ergonomic upside-down design, assuring a grip that is both natural and effortlessly easy. The leak-free feature ensures a mess-free and hassle-free experience.


Certified BPA & Phthalates free and Midwife approved (we definitely approve!).

Bare Mum Perineal Wash Bottle

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  • 300mls