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Unveil the magic of manifestation with the thoughtfully curated Hanako Therapies Manifestation Gift Pack.


As midwives, we find ourselves instinctually manifesting great things for women, as we know that women are such powerful beings. This is why we love the manifestation gift pack; it allows for everyone to feel the way we do.


All you have to do is think about what you might want to manifest, then let this pack support you. Whether it’s manifesting fertility, pregnancy, positive birth experience, smooth breastfeeding journey, or postpartum transition, we want you to feel supported. This pack can also be used as a menstruation ritual, for a mother blessing, during a major life event or to manifest positive vibes for someone you love.


  • Manifest Mist: A blend that helps to ground your being, while being open and receptive to blessings all around.
  • Sage bundle: Ignite the sage, and let the cleansing smoke purify your space, making way for fresh intentions and positive energy.
  • Pyrite crystal: Helps you to open and trust your channeling abilities, allowing the flow of new ideas to come through.
  • Selenite crystal: This crystal is like your cosmic GPS, keeping you on track and helping you manifest with crystal-clear clarity.

Hanako Therapies Manifestation Gift Pack

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  • 190g