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Get yourself some well-deserved TLC on your pregnancy journey with HQ Pregnancy Vitality.


This exceptional wholefood nutrients powder is a powerhouse, featuring organic plant protein, wholefood vitamins, minerals, super greens, and Traditional Chinese Medicine superfoods. Tailored to meet the heightened nutritional demands of growing a baby, it aims to nurture Qi (vital energy), blood, and deliver essential nutrients throughout conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.


Loaded with folate, iron, zinc, B+C vitamins, and plant protein, this amazing blend is your ally for supporting maternal tissue growth, fetal neurological development, energy, immune function, hormone regulation, and the increased protein needs during pregnancy.


We absolutely love HQ Vitality products as they combine the wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine with evidence-based nutrition to help women thrive. Not only are their products nourishing but taste delicious too!

HQ | Intelligent Health | Pregnancy Vitality

  • 225g (15 serves)