Yoni Throne Hire & Herbs - 2 weeks

Yoni Throne Hire & Herbs - 2 weeks

Vaginal steaming is an ancient holistic practice that utilises herbal infusions from carefully selected herbs into a warm, deeply penetrative steam bath for the vaginal tissues and reproductive system. The vapors from the warm herbal steam carry the medicinal plant oils to the vagina, cervix and uterus.


During the postpartum period this natural remedy helps to heal tender tissues and provides gentle cleansing to the reproductive system. This can aid with healing haemorrhoids and recovery from episiotomies. The result is a faster and much more pleasant postpartum recovery. This is also a beautiful way to recconect with yourself.


Included in the price is

- 2 x weeks hire of Yoni Priestess Throne by Kuntea by Laura Elizabeth & steaming bowl.

- 1 x pack of Wild Grace Healing Post Partum Recovery Blend steaming herbs. Each pack consists of 5 steams and it is reccomended to steam 1 -2 times per week.

- Instructions on optimal steaming.


Precautions & Safety:

  • Please speak to your health professionals before you begin steaming

  • Do not steam if still bleeding

  • Do not steam if you have genital piercings (remove)

  • Do not steam if you're pregnant

  • Do not steam if you have an IUD

  • Do not steam if you are menstruating

  • Do not steam if you have a yeast infections

  • Stop steaming if you feel overheated or burning pain or faint

  • Do not steam for longer than 20 minutes. 

  • Booking

    Please contact us prior to purhasing to ensure your preferred dates are available.

    We do also offer one month bookings.

  • Delivery & Collection

    The throne will be delivered and collected on the relevent Wednesday morning to your booking.

    If you could leave the throne outside when being collected that would be very much appreciated. You will receive a reminder text the morning of collection.