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Explore The Tea Collective’s Maternity Collection; a delicious loose-leaf tea, carefully curated for each stage of pregnancy.


The Tea Collective’s Maternity Collection Stage 2 ‘Blossom’ is blended with love for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. ‘Blossom’ is curated to promote regular bowel movements and restful sleep. The beautiful blend of apple, raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, and chamomile is used to prepare a woman’s body for birth by strengthening blood vessels and the uterus.


We LOVE this brand as it caters to women of all different phases on their journey to motherhood. Presented in beautiful glass jars, we believe it makes the perfect gift for expecting mothers in their second and third trimesters. The Tea Collectives Maternity Collection is meticulously created from fresh, high-grade ingredients, blending them in small, handcrafted batches. Each blend has been specially formulated by a natural fertility and reproductive health naturopath.


Nurture your seed with this brew-tea-ful tea!

The Tea Collective Maternity Collection Stage 2 'Blossom'

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  • 80g boutique jar