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We’ve wanted to give back since we started but we weren’t sure how that looked, until The Mother Me Initiative came along. ⁠

Each month we are giving away a Mother Me Experience Package to a mama in need in Perth, via nomination. ⁠

Being ‘In need’ looks different to everyone. It could be a mama with a newborn who is getting little to no sleep, a mama whose kids are at home from school sick, a mama who just needs some extra TLC. No need to explain why.⁠

The delivery for the Monthly Initiative will take place on the first Sunday of every month. The Monday prior we will post on our socials and if there is a mama in your life that would benefit from some nutrient dense, warming foods you will be encouraged to comment and let us know, you won’t need to tag them if you don’t want as we will reach out privately to you to arrange ❤️⁠

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook page on the first Monday of each month so nominate a Mama in need.